Text Box: Leo N. Xhoko  -  S5ØR


Diving  attracted me from early 60’s but I never got enough time to attend a diver’s course until my service in UN on Middle East.

 I passed CMAS P* exam in 1986 and till now I experienced around 2000 dives on 5 continents. Just lately I started  with some underwater photography  which opened a very new approach of diving.

Sinai 2007 - Shark Bay - April 2007  Napoleon Fish

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I was shocked after I saw how the Shark Bay (Sinai) looks like in 2007, after my visits 20 and 12 years ago! (The area and under water !)

The Shark s Bay underwater lost all his “colors and brilliance” !

I can’t explain the feeling of “mass diving and snorkeling in Sharm el Sheik and Naama Bay.

Shark's Bay-Sinai 2007 - Still some Lion fishes aproach

Early Spring dive on Piran - Punta.

The Diving Club »DRM-Ljubljana«  April 2007 oppening »season«- dive was held in nice sunny weather and the sea temperature was 14°C.

»Coral  Gardens«  - Streit of Tiran Steits

 Sharm el Sheik -  May 2007