Text Box: Leo N. Xhoko  -  S5ØR

HAM Radio

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Winter views

14Mc possition during CQWW CW

The HAM Radio is my Hobby for over 40 years. As one of the first SSB stations in former Yugoslavia, I had a great fun as YU3TXT and YU3SO. After Slovenia gained it independency in 1991 my Callsign changed to S51SO and at the end to S50R. Usually I operate from the ancient town IDRIJA  known for centuries by his Mercury mine, ÈRNI VRH as one of most popular Ski center in Slovenia where we set up our contest location.

J6DX - St. Lucia -  Windward Islands - Caribeans

Summer months show more colours...

The Mt.Crnim Vrh is one of the most popular Ski Centers in Slovenia. The suroundig mountains offer a wide range of sport activities, such as skiing, hiking, horse back riding, 


The area It's heaven for both of my hobbies: HAM-ing and Diving. The QTH itself was splendid and the view from the contest location was amasing . Exactly what the name of the resort describes  - Bellevue!

Curacao offers the idelal conditions for HAM-ing and Diving,  I enjoed one of CQWW contests and beautiful diving experience on the Curacao Island. 

By my opinion Lampedusa Island is one of the best Contest positions on the World,  I can say  »winning« location for CQ WW contests.

Mostly the name Lampedusa apears in the Daily news in connection with African refugies on their way to the Europe. It's a small island, in the past known as mediteranean turtle's  place, where the famous singer Domenico Modugnio placed his summer house in untouched nature at that time.

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