Text Box: Leo N. Xhoko  -  S5ØR

S5ØE location - 1300 m asl


Address: s50r@yahoo.com


I am glad you visited my Home Page. Here you can find some notes, views and »drops« from my everyday life, work, free time and hobbyes. Perhaps you can find something interesting or new. Let me know your opinion and also any advice for better understanding would be appreciated.

My native town is IDRIJA in Western Slovenia, which belonged to Italy until 1943. After the II.WW Idrija belonged to former Republic of Yugoslavia and  from 1991 it is Independent Republica of Slovenia.  From May 1.st 2006 we are the Member of  European Union.

As BSEE, my area of interest is Electoronics, IT and Amateur Radio as a Hobby.  The capital city LJUBLJANA lies about 60 km East from Idrija.